Women's Leadership Intensive | David Couper Consulting

Women's Leadership Intensive
Using Your Strengths to Grow Your Team and Expand Your Life

This highly experiential two day intensive covers the following:

Identifying your leadership strengths

  • Do you know your strengths?
  • The value of focusing on strengths. The risks.
  • How do you cultivate your strengths and lead from them?
  • Do you know other’s strengths? And grow from there?

Identifying behaviors and beliefs that dilute our leadership

  • People pleasing
  • Over-responsibility
  • Challenges with creating strong boundaries
  • And the antidotes to these behaviors and beliefs!

Relating to ourselves in ways that promote and support greater expansion and growth

  • Translating that support to team members
  • Practical tools to implement everyday

This course gives women leaders the opportunity to:

  • Revolutionize their decision-making process in service to more efficient and effective decision-making
  • Identify behaviors and beliefs that limit them from handling the most difficult professional conversations and situations
  • Strengthen their ability to tolerate other people’s discomfort and challenges (colleagues, bosses, customers, clients) without collapsing into people-pleasing, fixing, and Self-abandonment
  • Grow their ability to speak on their own behalf and facilitate others with greater grace and confidence
  • Increase their “taking risks” muscle in service to making an even more significant, positive impact in their work
  • Learn the key distinctions between being a powerful leader who is committed to serving vs. pleasing and taking responsibility vs. over-responsibility
  • Become even more effective and visionary leaders, managers, and communicators, regardless of personal or professional stress.

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