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Teamwork and Trust
Creating Teams that Work from a Place of Trust

The Issue

Organizations across all industries are tasking their teams to meet and exceed goals at an unprecedented rate. People are feeling unfulfilled and undervalued in the workplace with employee engagement at an all-time global low. Overwhelmed and disengaged employees are functioning from the mindset of defense, reaction, and scarcity in a “C.Y.A.” culture. Organizations are losing productivity, engagement, innovation, and profit when teams are not functioning from the mindset of capturing, appreciating and utilizing each person’s strengths.

Our Approach

Our programs have all been designed with experiential learning at the forefront. We know people do not learn and adopt new beliefs, habits, and behaviors by being lectured to. We know that people must learn and experience these new skills and tools for themselves. This workshop enables participants to build strong teams by fostering excellence in each of the team members and maximizing everyone’s individual expertise and talents. We provide a deep focus in this area in this highly engaging and interactive program.  

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • Powerful techniques to transform interpersonal team challenges into synergistic learning opportunities.
  • How to work with projections so that they can transform conflict, issues and anger.
  • To mend trust once it’s been broken.
  • To build trust from the inside to impact trust on the outside.
  • To cultivate a team with a high degree of trust and integrity among team members, and a high sense of shared responsibility.


When hiring an outside company to assist your organization in creating teamwork and trust, it’s imperative that they are able to impart real-world applicable tools and skills so that your teams can thrive long after any consultant has come into your organization. At DCC, we know that successful teams are empowered with tools that they can easily implement in their everyday interactions. Our team of facilitators are masterful at imparting the skills, supporting the leaders involved, and ensuring lasting success long after our work together is done.   

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