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Resilience in the Face of Chaos - When Managing Change Doesn't Work

Course Two: Resilience in the Face of Chaos

Healthcare professionals are faced with some of the most complex, chaotic, and rapidly changing environments ever experienced in modern times. Healthcare Reform, evolving technology, and constantly changing demands of administration provide the perfect storm for a chaotic environment. This, in addition to the normal demands and unrealistic expectations a Clinician experiences daily, such as: the demand to be all knowing, to always put the patient first, be immune to illness, and never reveal emotion, all create a working dynamic that has been coined as “an erosion of the soul,” otherwise known as burnout

Developing and maintaining a healthy level of resilience is a foundational skill for physicians and healthcare professionals.  Now more than ever, change is the only constant. Our current relationship to resilience is one of endurance. This is a misunderstanding.  Endurance has been defined as pushing oneself beyond healthy limits, forsaking any sense of well-being and/or professional fulfillment in efforts to sustain an outdated paradigm. Rather, resilience is an ability to rebound, to be buoyant, to return to our original or natural form.  At DCC, we believe this is the only change that is fundamental to learn and practice. To be willing to change and even question our current approach of how we relate with ourselves as Clinicians and the habitual standards that are not only outdated, but are depleting the life force of this very important profession, is necessary for growth.

Most of us are facing a world where nothing is the same from one second to another. This is one reason why so many formal change-management programs fail.  We believe the key to working with change is not to try to manage it, but to develop a healthy and expanding resilience to how we engage our work and how we see our work during the time of change.

“The art of resilience is not about NOT caring, nor is it about ignoring suffering so that we can get our work completed. There is a space in which we can manage our own emotions in an intelligent and caring way, while remaining calm in the face of physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual intensity.”
– Dr Carla Rotering


The purpose of this course is to serve and support healthcare professionals in ways to cultivate their own practices for creating personal resilience. We will explore what resilience means to each of us and we will redefine how we relate with stress and constant change within our profession. What helps us to be resilient in times of stress and challenge is unique to each of us.  Exploring this through the examination of our beliefs and how we currently experience our lives creates the space for a shift to occur. The art of resilience lies in the space between enmeshment and disconnection. This is a space that is emotionally intelligent, cognitively engaged and heartfelt.


Creating a New Understanding of Resilience – Updating how we relate with our work and stress has a transformative impact on our lives.

Noticing How We Experience Our Lives – When we slow down to assess our lives, we can illuminate the areas that require our time and attention.

Examining Our Beliefs about What a Clinician Should Be – Our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, greatly influence our actions and choices.

Choosing our Yes’s and No’s – Becoming aware of our current agreements allows us to evaluate their alignment with our values.

Performing and Receiving Acts of Kindness – Small shifts in the way we open our hearts in the workplace can create large changes in our internal and external sense of well-being and connection.

Creating Your Well-Being Emergency Kit - Experiencing our own well-being both contributes to and further allows us to be resilient.


DCC’s Healthcare Now™ Program will improve patient satisfaction, reduce physician turnover and increase revenue and productivity.

At DCC, our team of physician coaches has developed a high-impact, engaging, and experiential one-day workshop.

In this program, participants will learn to:

  • Work though effective ways of reacting to change and chaos.
  • Identify the feelings and thoughts that result from change.
  • Learn how to react effectively to those feelings and thoughts.
  • Heal inner challenges that prevent outer results in changing times.
  • Develop resilience as a core skill.

With this program, the organization will experience:

  • Improvements in patient satisfaction.
  • Reduction in physician turnover.
  • Reduction in negligence and compliance issues.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Increase in revenue.


We are committed to helping our clients create lasting change and lasting results. This means that while we have an arsenal of research, data and assessments, we know that true change does not happen with just receiving new knowledge. We guide clinicians and healthcare professionals through experiential processes so that each participant leaves empowered with tools they can use right now.

William Osler, considered to be the father of modern medicine shared, “Cultivate, then, … such a judicious measure of obtuseness as will enable you to meet the exigencies of practice with firmness and courage, without, at the same time, hardening the human heart by which we live.”

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