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Mindfulness Meditation
Working. Living. Thriving.

“For business leaders, encouraging mindfulness is more than just being tuned in; it’s a strategy to improve personal and company-wide performance and productivity, both of which support overall organizational  resilience.

As Kate Pickert wrote in a February TIME cover story (“The Mindful Revolution”), ‘most leaders…feel besieged by long work hours and near-constant connectivity. For these people, there seems to be no time to zero in on what’s important or plan ahead.’ 

- Jan Bruce, “Become A Mindful Leader: Slow Down To Move Faster”, Forbes, 3/11/14

Mindfulness Meditation Programs

In today’s fast moving, always connected society, our minds and bodies often have difficulty slowing down and being present. Our minds will race, wander or daydream. We are constantly tethered to cell phones, to do lists, and demands of career and home, meaning we never switch off. Mindful meditation provides benefits to every person, regardless of position, title or rank, and studies have shown numerous health and wellness benefits. In addition to stress reduction, mindful meditation has also been found to reduce the duration and frequency of illnesses, increase energy, improve decision-making ability, reduce irritability, anxiety and depression, improve interpersonal relationships, and increase resilience to change. DCC offers mindfulness meditation programs for those working in the corporate sector in addition to its unique Healing the Healers programs for healthcare professionals.  

The Issue

All levels of an organization are tasked with high demands, increased productivity, and exceptional service to the clients, but management and their staff are frequently the ones on the front lines of customer interaction and ensuring things run smoothly. That can get overwhelming. This program provides those working in a corporate environment an opportunity to reduce stress through a systematic meditation-training program designed and developed by experts in corporate workplace behavior. 

Our Approach

At DCC, we create each program with a team of experts who have extensive experience in the training topic, keeping a pulse on the key issues that affect managers, executives, and their teams. In less than 15 minutes a day, you will reduce overwhelm, pressures of productivity, and the struggles of the global marketplace.

The program comprises:

  • Daily Guided Audio Meditation
  • Journal Tool 
  • Reflection Activities
  • Long Format Meditations


Designed and developed by professionals with extensive experience and advanced training, this unique, customized program has been created to support you in your own self-care in order to rejuvenate and re-energize yourself so you can be your best and your happiest at work.

Learn more about our signature Healing the Healers meditation program for healthcare and healing professionals

Curious About Meditation?

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