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Masterful Feedback
Building a corporate culture that thrives on change

The Issue

Providing effective feedback in a way that others can receive what is being said is a fine skill, developed and practiced with intention. Oftentimes, well-intentioned managers will give feedback in a way that has negative consequences, such as decreased motivation in employees, defeat and even apathy. Many people in their professional and personal lives automatically take negative feedback as criticism, creating defensiveness rather than seeing it as an opportunity for openness and growth.

Our Approach

Our masterfully trained and seasoned facilitators understand there are two sides of feedback to explore: from the perspective of giving feedback and from the perspective of receiving feedback. Our intensive, one-day program dives deep into this issue and assists participants in experiencing and adopting a successful, non-threatening and supportive process to giving and receiving feedback.

In this workshop, participants are given a process, tools and techniques to:

  • Deliver masterful feedback that truly empowers the recipient.
  • Develop a culture in which everyone excels.
  • Reduce stress and develop a learning attitude to work.
  • Discover that all change and challenges are learning opportunities.
  • Cultivate a culture in which everyone thrives.


We are masterful at feedback and we understand this is one of the most essential skills in leadership. We take a skill that often carries a negative connotation and transform it into one where people are excited and looking forward to receiving feedback. We have assisted many leaders and their organizations in giving feedback, and when this is done in an open, authentic and respectful manner, it can accelerate positive change and promote trust, self-esteem, and create a culture of open, caring communication and learning

Masterful feedback is crucial in corporate cultures that truly want to thrive. It encourages everyone to engage enthusiastically at the outer reaches of their potential, creating an energized, leading-edge culture.

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